In the design, construction and preparation for production, we use computer-assisted production systems for the design and processing of casting equipment and casts.

Model construction

For the casting equipment, models are made and assembled on plates and core boxes. We manufacture models in metal, plastics and wood, using automatic machining centers.

Core construction

The cores are made using HOT-BOX and COLD BOX methods (with the use of amines and manually in CO2 technology).

Moulding manufacture

The moulding compounds are made on an automatic processing station with a capacity of 66 Mg/h
Additionally, an automatic regulator of parameters of the moulding sand is installed.


The process of forming castings is carried out on automatic Loramendi moulding lines (the vertical type, with the variable moulding chamber) and HWS horizontal moulding lines.

Metal melting

The melting shop consists of 3 OTTO JUNKER furnaces with a capacity of 7 Mg. The last furnace was installed in 2019.

Manufacturing of prototypes

The prototype NO BAKE manufacturing station enables making single castings, prototypes in simplified technologies also using wooden models.


Cleaning is carried out by shot blasting and grinding, including the use of a robot.

Quality control

The control and measurement laboratory performs tests of moulding compounds parameters, rapid analysis of chemical composition, strength tests, metal structure tests, dimensional tests, computer tomography, ultrasonic tests, magnetic particle tests, longitudinal samples tests.

kontrola jakości


The aim resulting from the pursuit of an extensive customer service is to offer a highly processed casting – a finished product for the customer’s assembly line. That is why our offer includes machining, which we outsource to our partners. We perform mechanical treatment on our own and in cooperation with other Machining Plants.

Painting, packaging, shipping

Painting of castings is carried out on two lines – Adal immersion line and robot-assisted immersion and spray line. At the customer’s request, we deliver castings: primed, surface coated with water-based polyurethane, epoxy, alkyd, phthalic, styrene-based paints, in any color, powder coated. Packaging according to the customer’s requirements, e.g. film-wrapped castings on pallets, in disposable wooden boxes, on EUR pallets, in UIC pallets, etc.