The strategy enables the Company to compete with the best foundries of developed countries and ensures a high (an above-average in the foundry industry) profitability of operation. The main instruments for the implementation of the strategy are:

  • the implementation of a long-term program of modernization investments aimed at the full automation of technological processes with the application of modern controlling and measurement devices;
  • activities of the Centre for Research and Development Casting Components to implement of innovative techniques and technologies
  • manufacturing of complex castings with high quality cast iron species, included its mechanical machining;
  • continuous improvement of knowledge and skills of the employees;
  • the introduction of environmentally friendly processes and technologies;
  • the design of casting construction in cooperation with clients and optimization of casting materials;
  • very short implementation times needed to start the production of new items (CAD, CAM and CNC patterns performance, designing technology – ProCAST simulation software);
  • the restructuring of the company in view of the performance of exclusively primary technological processes on site and the outsourcing of secondary processes and operations
  • the development of a cooperative network, especially with respect to the mechanical machining, surface corrosion protection (galvanizing, cataphoresis, powder priming);
  • develop of mechanical machining in-house;
  • performing of foundry services inland and abroad;
  • trading with castings;
  • implentation and development of an effectiv management information system.

The strategy ensures compliance with all requirements of the customers and their expectations, especially in the design of construction castings, selection of high quality materials and on-time delivery of components – finished machined components for the assembly line. Odlewnie Polskie S.A. employs a team of highly qualified professionals with broad experience, especially graduates of reputable Polish Technical Universities with foundry specializations.