Painting of castings is carried out on two lines: an ADALl immersion line and a robot-assisted immersion and spray line.

Electrostatic spray painting takes place in a spray booth designed and delivered by ADAL (manufactured in 2014, Poland). This is an automatic process line for wet painting, with automatic color change, process transport systems, dryers, protection systems and computer visualization, which allow controling and appropriately regulating the process.

We deliver castings according to the customer’s wishes:

  • primed
  • surface-coated with water-based polyurethane, epoxy, alkyd, phthalate, styrene-based paints, in any color
  • powder coated
malowanie odlewów
malowanie odlewów
malowanie odlewów


Packaging according to the customer’s requirements, e.g. film-wrapped castings on pallets, in disposable wooden boxes, on EUR pallets, in UIC pallets, etc.


Castings ready for dispatch are stored in three-bay-high warehouses. According to the customer’s needs, we can offer castings with mechanical treatments, to be treated as finished elements for assembly, together with galvanizing, cataphoresis, etc., with just-in-time delivery.

malowanie odlewów