Research and development (R&D)

Projects implemented

  • Increase of the competence of Ośrodek Badawczo – Rozwojowy Komponentów Odlewniczych [the Research and Development Center of Casting Components] in the field of “automation and process robotization” – implemented as part of the Intelligent Development Operational Programme, Measure 2.1 Support for investments in R&D infrastructure of enterprises.
  • Research and development of advanced technology of iron castings machining in accordance with the requirements of an innovative flexible palletization system – implemented as a part of the European Regional Development Fund, Activity 1.2 “Research and development in the Świętokrzyskie entrepreneurship sector” Axis 1 “Innovation and science” of the Regional Operational Programme of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship for 2014–2020.
  • Smart integrated Robotics system for SMEs controlled by the Internet of Things based on dynamic manufacturing processes. HORIZON 2020 EU Programme, No 680,734; implementation period 2015–2020.
  • Integrated approach to process optimization for raw material resources efficiency, excluding recovery technologies of waste streams. HORIZON 2020 EU Programme, No 737 533; implementation period 2017–2021.
  • POIR.01.01.01-00-0545/19. Development of innovative technology for casting components made of high-quality ductile cast iron using the world’s most innovative hybrid-dynamic liquid alloy modification technique. Implementation period 2020–2023; total cost: PLN 3,262,229.17; co-financing from NCBiR (the National Centre for Research and Development): 1,934,732.68

Completed Projects

  • Establishment of Ośrodek Badawczo – Rozwojowy Komponentów Odlewniczych [the Research and Development Center of Casting Components] “OBRKO” – PO RPW in Odlewnie Polskie S.A.
  • Development and implementation of innovative technology for smelting and secondary metallurgy of high-quality ductile iron, POIG Measure 1.4/4.1.
  • Research and development of innovative technology for the production of innovative high-quality ausferritic cast iron; POIG Measure 4.1.
  • Development and implementation of technology for the production of high-quality cast ductile iron with a particular focus on ADI for components operating under abrasion and dynamic loads; 6 ZR7 2005 C/06610.
  • Highly efficient pulping unit for domestic heat defibrators with a diameter of 1,000 mm; 6T08 2004C/6406.
  • Automation of the production process with the use of modern technology; SPO_WKP for the years 2004-2006 sub-activity 2.4.1.
  • Implementation of an integrated system of secondary metallurgy for melting and iron alloys; SPO_WKP sub-activity 2.2.1.
  • Development and implementation of innovative technology components for cast iron castings, for operation in extreme abrasion conditions, NCBiR, PBS, Path B, Consortium Leader – Faculty of Foundry Engineering of the AGH University of Science and Technology.

Implemented projects

  • The latest generation medium frequency melting furnaces.
  • Implementation of the GUSS-INFO IT management system
  • Computer-aided casting works system: CAE – ProCast, CAD/CAM ProEngineer, CATIA, NX.
  • Commencement of production of high-quality cast iron products operating under variable thermal loads.
  • Commencement of the CAD/CAM/CNC system for the production of casting equipment.
  • Heat treatment of ADI cast iron.
  • Commencement of the production of SiMo cast iron.
  • Development of secondary metallurgy technology with the use of a flexible wire method.
  • Implementation of ausferritic iron (ADI, CADI) into the production practice.
  • Improvement of the use of the thermal analysis ATAS system to improve profitability of castings.

Projects implemented

  • Automation and robotization of the grinding process of castings.
  • CNC machining of castings.