Priming, packaging, dispatch

Priming, packaging, dispatch

Casting painting is operated on two lines – the Adal immersion line and the robotic immersion and spray line.


Castings are primed on two lines for dipping and spraying. Spray priming with the electrostatic method takes place in a spray both designed and supplied by ADAL (Year of production: 2014, Poland) – automatic line for wet priming with automatic color change, technological transport systems, dryers, security systems and computer visualization which allows adequate process control.


We supply castings according to customer requirements:

  •  primed,
  •  painted to a finish with polyurethane water-soluble paints, epoxy, alkyd, phthalic or styrene paints in any colour
  •  powder coated.

Pakowanie według wymagań klienta, np. odlewy zafoliowane na paletach, w drewnianych skrzyniach jednorazowych, na paletach EUR, w paletach UIC, itp.

Note: Casting ready for shipment are stored in three high-rise warehouses. According to the customer’s needs, we can offer casting with mechanical machining, as a component ready for assembly, with galvanizing, cataphoresis, etc. with delivery „just in time”.