Metal melting

Metal melting

Modern melting shop:

  • The melting shop consists of 3 electric ovens with a capacity of 7 Mg (each) produced by OTTO JUNKER (the last furnace was installed in 2019) and a crusher of circulating scrap metal.

Control of metallurgical quality of metal–ATAS program (Producer – Novocast, Sweden):

  • ATAS Verifier is an advanced system for analysis of the quality of liquid iron, metallurgical makes a „fingerprint” and correlates it with the current result, it provides the metallurgists with the information which allow them to verify and optimize the melting process. The unique system interprets the cooling curves, explains the conclusions and suggests corrective actions.
  • ATAS SFERO – MODULE: analyzes the state of iron output and calculates the exact amount of the required mortar Mg. The system evaluates the active oxygen, active carbon equivalent ACEL, nucleation state and other metallurgical parameters.

  • ATAS PERLIT Module: analyzes the pearlite transformation in the temperature range from 600 to 800 ° C, determines pearlite content in the matrix and mechanical properties such as Brinell hardness, Rm – Tensile strength.

The process of spheroidization:

  • Station of secondary metallurgy machining of the liquid iron with the flexible wire with magnesium – Producer: PROGELTA (Year of Production: 2012, Italy);
  • Station of spheroidization in the slender ladle (TUNDISH method) using mortar.