The efficiency of the implemented innovations and their high professional standard is ensured by the cooperation of the technical and engineering staff of the Foundry with scientists in the leading research and development centers. These include bodies, faculties, research plants and the laboratories of the AGH University of Science and Technology, the Silesian University of Technology, the Institute of Foundry in Cracow, the Warsaw University of Technology and the Częstochowa University of Technology. An important role has been played by the institutions coordinating the development of innovations, including the State Committee for Scientific Research, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Agency for Engineering Development, the Polish Agency for Entrepreneurship Development, the Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Strategic areas and research centers:


  • Metallurgy and molding of special alloys and composites,
    • Department of Foundry Engineering of Cast Alloys and Composites, AGH University of Science and Technology
    • Department of Foundry of the Silesian University of Technology
    • Foundry Research Institute Kraków


  • CNC machining, flexible manufacturing systems FMS, statistical control of production processes SPC
    • Department of Mechanical Technology and Metrology, Faculty of Mechatronics and Machine Construction at the Kielce University of Technology,
    • Institute of Manufacturing Techniques at the Warsaw University of Technology


  • Automation and robotization of foundry processes and machining
    • Department of Foundry Process Engineering, Faculty of Foundry Engineering, AGH
    • Institute of Manufacturing Technology of the Warsaw University of Technology
  • Photovoltaic and energy management
    • Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, PAN in Cracow
    • Foundry Research Institute Kraków


  • Computed tomography, Intelligent neural networks,
    • Warsaw University of Technology
    • Foundry Research Institute Kraków


Scientific training regarding special alloys and composites, photovoltaic and CNC machining.