Starachowickie Odlewnie Polskie S.A. – consistently perfected


Starachowickie Odlewnie Polskie S.A. is a constantly developing company. Castings are made here in advanced technologies, and the latest IT programs are used to engineer processes.


Over the last 10 years, investments related to the development of the company amounted to as much as EUR 32 million.



Out of concern for the quality of castings, NIKON M2 computer tomograph was purchased, being the only unit of the kind working in a cast iron foundry in Poland; it is equipped with a Xray 450 KV lamp and flat and linear detectors. The control of the microstructure of castings is performed using two high quality microscopes including a scanning electron microscope VEGA3 LMH from TESKAN, equipped with an energy dispersion detector from OXFORD INSTRUMENTS.

This type of device is also the only one working in Poland in a cast iron foundry.


The casting manufacturing processes have been modernised and automated with two automatic moulding lines: Loramendi and HWS. The latter has been further refurbished and equipped with devices to increase its efficiency and improve its technology.



In order to operate two automatic moulding lines and secure them into moulding sand, an automatic sand processing station was built with a turbine mixer and vibrofluidizing cooler and retrofitted with a MICHENFELDER system for automatic measurement and regulation of moulding sand parameters. It was the first control system of this type in Poland, which allows for virtually unmanned operation of sand processing stations.


For sustainable development, Maus automatic grinding machines and a multi-station grinding cell based on Evolut robot have been installed at the casting cleaning plant.


At the turn of 2018 / 2019 the foundry began installation of the foundry’s 3rd Otto Junker melting furnace.


The consistently implemented strategy brings the expected results – sales have doubled since 2010. The development impulse is, of course, the requirements of the customers, which are the natural driving force behind the company’s development.


Own research centre


Every company, even the most innovative, has its weaker links, but Odlewnie Polskie S.A. consistently faces its problems, striving for continuous improvement. This is possible thanks to the Foundry Components Research and Development Centre operating within the company structure. The needs are growing. Casting more and more advanced products required the implementation of process innovations both in the production sphere, as well as for process control and monitoring. Research and development projects carried out by the Centre enabled the implementation of these innovations and continued improvements related to the further production of castings in an increasingly improved company.


Consistent development


Innovative projects implemented at the Company have discovered opportunities for further improvements. One of the concepts of the Research and Development Centre is, among others, shortening the assembly time of metal panels on the HWS moulding line . An „APC” has been designed –  a device for automatic model plate change, the implementation of which will shorten the change time to 30 seconds, i.e. by as much as 85%.  Another idea is to shorten the retooling time of the grinding robot, which in grinding castings at the Foundry replaces people, being more economical and safer for the operator than a manual grinder. The Foundry is also planning to purchase more robots of this type. Also planned is another machining cell after the horizontal machining centre for CNC castings, which requires the product to be fixed in the device by means of an electric winch. The new Fastems robotic CNC/FMS system, incorporating a scanner, among others, would result in a significant increase in machine tool throughput and minimization of errors.


25 years of Odlewnie Polskie S.A.


„Our motto is sustainable development, which we understand as investing in all areas of the company’s business– stressed Zbigniew Ronduda in his letter of celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Foundry, which the company celebrated throughout 2018. However, although the plant has been operating under the current name for 25 years, the history of casting in Starachowice lands dates back to 1899. In the interwar period, anti-aircraft cannons were built here, and after the Second World War – castings for STAR automotive plants It is thanks to care for quality and openness to subsequent improvements in production and technology that the metallurgical plant, which produces components for the Star truck, has transformed into the current technologically advanced company selling its products to many other industries internationally.



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