Machining of cast parts

Machining of cast parts

Our objective is a extensive customer service. Therefore, our aim is to provide clients with highly processed finished products for the assembly line. For that reason our offer also includes machining which we outsource to our co-operators – subcontractors. We partly perform the mechanical machining on our own and in cooperation with other machining companies.

Machining of castings at 90% is conducted in CNC centers. We machine castings which dimensions arise from the dimensions of the mold line HWS and Loramendi.

For the design of casting machining operations we use computer supporting systems NX CAD/CAM Machining.

Our CNC machines:

  • FMS Fastems
  • Poziome centrum obróbcze OKUMA MA-400HA –two – pallet CNC machine tool for machining small and large production batches; Year of production: 2014, Japan.
  • Centrum tokarskie OKUMA L4, Year of production: 2013, Japan.
  • Trzy centra obróbcze HP5-16 (Year of production: 2002, Poland) – shift in axes: X – 860mm, Y – 700mm, Z – 650mm, spindle speed 2900 rotations/min., two pallets with a dimension of 630x630mm.